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Public Sector

Governments continue to reap the benefits of technology in providing citizen services. Technology such as cloud computing, mobile technology, internet portals, business intelligence, and databases are enabling governments across the world to provide more efficient, effective and relevant services to stimulate community and national level economic and social participation, and boost the productivity of government operations.   

Technology is also a great vehicle for bringing government and people closer together to drive a more participatory society with enormous benefits. Technology can transform how a government operates, interacts with its citizens and delivers services, and can save both time and money. 

The benefits that the right technology solution can deliver include:

  • Better citizen experience
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increased communication

The recent revolution in technology and communication is due to the advancement of connectivity and it is connectivity that provides the real advantage to governments. The most powerful connection a government can make is to its citizens and it is technology that provides the platforms to make that connection, irrespective of the area in which a citizen lives. Coupling connectivity with the tangible value of service delivery via cloud, particularly in terms of communication and collaboration, governments can ensure service delivery is provided speedily, cost effectively and efficiently. 

There are three critical technology areas that will deliver the efficiencies, cost control, agility, flexibility and service delivery advantage that are required of governments today:

  • Connectivity
  • Communication
  • Cloud


Governments rely on connectivity to deliver services and the quality of connectivity determines a government’s communication, collaboration and transactional capabilities, which will ultimately determine service delivery effectiveness.


Whether it is emailing your residents, collaborating with various organisations in different geographical locations or communicating with a large number of people in the community, all organisations require effective communication tools.


As cloud hosting continues to mature, more companies are adopting this new model of IT infrastructure, storage and application provisioning.