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The Internet Solutions (IS) Abuse Department is responsible for the administration of abuse queries and complaints and ensures that clients are made aware of abuse complaints that have been lodged against them. The IS Abuse Department defines ‘abuse’ as any behaviour by a user connected to the IS network that is considered unacceptable as per the IS AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Abuse complaints may include, but are not limited to, spam, copyright infringements, virus/worm attacks, security related issues (phishing, hack attempts, DOS attacks) and general abuse (harassment and vulgarities). IS Abuse concerns itself solely with abuse queries originating from the IS network.

What do we do

It is considered standard practice for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to acknowledge action and inform complainants of action taken in the event of violations to the ISP's AUP. A standard AUP contains definitions of what is considered to be abusive behaviour (e.g. Spam, DoS Attacks, Phishing etc.), and some indication of action taken for each level of abuse.

Our Obligations

  • Inform all clients of abuse complaints lodged against them
  • Follow-up on all abuse complaints to its clients until a resolution is reached
  • Notify the client of any suspicious activity or viruses on the client's network
  • Uphold the ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association) Code of Conduct
  • Uphold client confidentiality.